Sun Jar: Sunlight for Your Dark Evenings

By Joe Jonas

Are you usually trying to economize your home's light bills by turning off the lights a little bit earlier even if it means walking in the dark? Do you want to put an end on all the cost-cutting and keep your home looking bright without having to go through all the trouble of making "systems" to cut-off increasing bills? The answer to these problems is a Sun Jar which you'll find more about in this article.

What makes a Sun Jar so special from all the lamps and lights available on the market? It is called a Sun Jar because it gets its energy from the sun and it lights up automatically during dark hours. This lamp needs to be exposed to direct sunlight because of the solar battery it uses to be able to power it up throughout the day.

The Sun Jar looks like this-it is a glass jar with solar cell batteries and LED lights inside. Because it uses LED lights and a frosted jar, the light it diffuses look like rays from the sun because of its incredible glow and brightness. This solar powered lamp loads up during the day and lights up at night.

As the jar is exposed to the sun's rays, there is an electrical current that loads up the battery that passes through the three LED lights inside. The Sun Jar has no switch or other external controls but a light sensor inside it that activates the system automatically when it seems dark. Also, the jar used is air and water tight meaning that even if you leave it outside during a cloudy or a rainy weather, it will still work.

The Sun Jar makes for a good garden or night light. Because of the stylish effect of the LED lights, you can place it anywhere inside or outside your home. If you want to turn off your Sun Jar, you may do so with the override switch inside that also lets you conserve the battery's energy.

The Sun Jar is at its best during sunny days and rainy weather could greatly affect its performance. When you experience days like these, you can turn off the switch so that you can stock up on more energy. An ordinary battery charger also works well with the solar batteries so you may use it when the weather is not so good.

The Sun Jar was originally designed by Tobias Wong and is gaining attraction because of its chic and modern design that uses the most natural source of energy. You can use your very own sun jar as a lamp for your living room, garden, or bedroom and it would look well with your home's interiors. This simple looking lamp is actually very stylish while being very economical and organic at the same time.

The economical and environment-friendly Sun Jar will help improve your home's lighting. The Sun Jar's simple system will never fail you and it will go well with your home. Come into the light- get your own Sun Jar and experience all its benefits for your home and your family. - 31890

Detoxify Your Body For Optimal Health

By Suzy A

If you are feeling constant aches and pains, digestive problems or a feeling of fatigue, you might need to detoxify your body. Detoxification means cleansing our body by flushing out the harmful substances that accumulated inside us. Even if our bodies possess a natural capability to flush them out to prevent them from causing damage, too much toxins could be harder to handle for our organs which do the job, specifically the liver and the kidneys.

Our environment is full of harmful substances. It could be anywhere and everywhere, from the food and water we intake and even in the air we breathe in. Toxic substances could come from paints, copper pipes, aluminium cans, pesticide and from inhalation of air pollutants including cigarette smoke. We could also ingest them coming from our cookwares or from food additives and even from our cleaning items.

The process of detoxification has long been practiced especially in Chinese and Ayurvedic methods. The cleansing program will promote the elimination of toxins that threaten to destroy our body's normal processes. As we naturally move towards spring cleaning for a fresh start and renewed energy, we could also properly apply it to our internal system.

So, when do we need to detoxify? What are the natural steps that we could follow to safely flush out the toxic compounds that accumulated inside us? What are the different cleansing methods that we could look into? How do we know which is right for our needs?

It is advisable that detoxification be done at least once a year. There are various ways of going about this depending on your choice of either a mild or major cleanse. Topping everything with regard to cleansing is still water. Just drinking the eight glasses a day already helps in boosting your body system. It particularly aids the kidneys and liver to go about their task of eliminating toxins. Proper hydration is essential to your general health, not to mention its ability to make your complexion glow.

Many kinds of tea are also used for detoxification. Although green tea is accepted as one of the best cleansing agents. It has been known as an anti-oxidant because of its ability to combat free radicals that damage our cells. Green tea is also known for its antibacterial, antibacterial properties aside from having anti-allergen qualities.

The simplest methods are also the nutritional and herbal methods. Many common fruits and vegetables as well as herbs that could easily be found in your kitchen are good for cleansing the internal system. Orange, lime and lemon are among the best of the fruits that properly aid in cleaning out the body of toxins. Garlic is also renowned for its cleansing qualities together with some seeds and nuts and green vegetables. Including them in your daily intake helps the liver in doing its role of flushing out harmful toxins.

Aside form these, these are also a host of other ways to go about the process. Some even came up with an entire program which includes aromatherapy, exercise and breathing techniques on top of the required proper diet. There are also other ways such as hyperthermia techniques or the use of steam baths to rid the body dangerous substances. Others follow foot detox, parasitic cleanse, fasting, oxygen therapy or organic food diet towards the same goal of detoxifying the internal body system.

Over all, the general goal of going through the detoxification process is to flush out the harmful substances that found their way inside our bodies and threaten to damage our cells. If we do not move to control them, it could lead to various illnesses which could range from simple aches and pains to health menace diseases that could be fatal. Detoxification will not just promote the better functioning of our digestive system or provide us clearer complexion and boost our focus and concentration. Cleansing could help us avoid illnesses and propel us towards our goal of optimum health. - 31890

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Benefits Of Small Wind Generators

By Denzil De Vries

It can be so depressing to get an electric bill in your mail every month, in particular over the cold months of winter where it's simple to rack up several hundred bucks in electricity each month.

Fortunately there is certainly different things you can do to help diminish these costs, among the best ideas being to get a wind generator installed in the dwelling. If you are tired of writing checks for unreasonable expenses for your power bills each month, having a wind generator hooked up for the home might be one of the best things that you ever do. Wind generators for the home are able to make usable power from the wind and utilize it to provide energy for home equipment and electronics in your home.

The cost-effectiveness of wind generators for the home is without doubt one of the main features that draw people in. Costs around us are continually increasing, jobs are being lost and there has never been a more important time to save wherever we can. Additionally , there are added important benefits that come from using wind generators for the home. Besides that, by relying on a wind generator for some of your home's electrical energy it is easy to feel good knowing that you are doing what you can to safeguard the environment.

Regular electricity is formed using fossil fuels that are on the list of main causes of pollution in the world. By relying on fossil fuels you are polluting the atmosphere and intensifying these problems. You don't have to fret about that if you are relying on a wind generator since it helps you become more eco-friendly. Deciding to get wind generators for the home is a great long-term investment.

This is something which will go on for years and years with a few scheduled maintenance checks. When buying a wind generator for your home, don't be cheap. You can purchase a wind generator for a little over one thousand dollars and in some cases build one for a few hundred.

After you can just sit back and enjoy the advantages. You're sure to be amazed whenever you get your next power statement in the post. Many people are astounded since they wind up saving far more than they expected to.

Obtaining a handbook to construct a wind generator is the perfect place to begin. It can teach you how to create a generator for next to nada ($150) when you consider that you will be saving each month. A guidebook can even spell out what exactly is required before you get started. It will even state what amount of electricity you can actually generate and the criteria by which you should set up your wind generator. It is a low priced, low risk route to get into the green energy revolution. Be a hop ahead of the neighbors and save in the process. - 31890

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Growing Vegetables Organically: It's All About Planning

By Will McGee

One of the newest trends in gardening is growing vegetables organically. Whether you are doing this to sustain your family, or just for fun, proper planning is involved in organic gardening. Growing vegetables organically has many benefits. You and your family will be healthier, and you will save money. Since the most important factor to a successful organic garden is preparation, you will need to understand what to do.

Location of the garden is very important. There are several things to consider when choosing your garden spot:

*Make sure that the spot is going to get plenty of sunshine. Your garden should get at least 6 hours a day. When planting near the house, the southern side works best.

* Make sure the area is a site that will drain well. If the site does not drain well, there are several options available to improve this. Try to avoid planting on an incline. Erosion can ruin your garden. If it comes a big rain right after planting seeds, you run the risk of seeds washing away.

* Having a water supply nearby is very important.

* You should avoid sights with excessive weeds for growing vegetables organically.

* It is wise to fence off the garden area if wildlife could be a problem.

Next, you will want to get the soil tested. When taking the soil to be tested, be sure to tell the testing site that it is specifically for organic gardening. Most county extension offices will do this for a small fee. Another option for soil testing is your local gardening store. Some gardeners prefer to test their own soil. However, if you are just beginning, it is best to get it done. These places will provide you with an analysis of your soil and what will grow best, as well as what types of fertilizers to use.

Conditioning the soil for growing vegetables organically will be the next step after soil testing. Turn the soil 10-12 inches and add organic matter as you go. Compost is the best form of organic matter. You can make your own compost, or you can purchase it. The use of compost allows for natural nutrients to be released and will help the soil retain water. Recommendations from your local garden center or agricultural office can assist you with this.

Once you have done the above, you will be ready to plant. This is where you can let your creativity and imagination go to work for growing vegetables organically. Since you have properly planned and taken all of the necessary steps to begin, you have created something that you will reap rewards from for many years. - 31890

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Using The Recycling Efforts Of World War Two To Inspire Us Today

By Mark Walters

During the Second World War, resources were scarce and Governments ran big recycling campaigns to ensure nothing was wasted. Waste was segregated for the following uses:

- Metal and tine were recycled for use in aircraft, tanks and weapons.

- Left over food provided feed for chickens, pigs and goats and people would bring their scraps to communal bins.

- Rubber was recycled to make new tires.

People were also encouraged to mend belongings as opposed to just buying new ones. Campaigns like 'Make Do And Mend' and 'Sew And Save' gave advice on how to recycle textiles and patch up their worn out clothes. Knitting also soared in popularity during the Second World War.

On war time rations, families had to plan meals carefully to ensure that food did not go to waste. Perishable food had to be bought in small quantities and substitutes had to be found for foods that were no longer available. Meat fat was saved to make pastry, and even the cream from milk was stored in a jar and shaken to make butter and buttermilk.

It is sad that it took people so long to recognize the importance of recycling, and also that it took such unfortunate circumstances to bring it to our attention. These days, we know the importance of recycling to preserve the Earth's resources and to reduce pollution.

However, we are still falling well below targets for diverting waste from landfill sites. Though we are aware of what we need to be doing, and though it has been made easier for us to do it, there is still a very much laid back attitude to recycling. Too many people simply cannot be bothered to recycle, and that is undoing the good work being done by those who do take the little time and effort required to recycle.

If they could do it, then why can't we do it too? We should all be taking action now, and not be waiting for a major crisis to kick-start us into mass recycling again. - 31890

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5 Tips to Save Energy and Money and Use Wind Power to Save More

By Tony Tedbos

Following you will find 5 tips to help reduce your utility bill year round with or without the use of wind power. Hopefully these will help you to make ends meet, especially for those who are already unemployed or fear unemployment is a round the corner.

1. This one thing many over look and should not because it can reduce your power bill considerably. Furnace and a/c maintenance, which can save you money in several ways. First, by having them maintained yearly it will prolong there life thus saving you from a costly replacement bill. Second, it will keep them in top running condition which, will keep them more energy efficient saving you money. Besides having the furnace and a/c serviced regularly, be sure you change the filter every month even if does not look dirty. A dirty filter even if it does not appear to be dirty, will cause the units to work harder cutting down on their efficiency.

2. Many people turn their thermostats for a/c in the summer off or way up, and the furnaces in the winter (normally) to an extremely low temperature. Doing this is fine if you do not go to extremes, turning the thermostat off or to extreme high or low temperature will cause your units to work twice as hard to cool or heat the house back to a comfortable level. A programmable thermostat is more affordable today then they were many years ago so, consider changing that old manual thermostat with a programmable one. Then program it to reasonable temperature that will not cause your units to run for excessive periods to bring the temperature back to a comfortable level.

3. The following can be done in a matter of hours with a few inexpensive things you will need to pick up at your local hardware store. You will need a few tubes of caulking (how many will depend on how many exterior doors and windows you have) and some foam gaskets that are used to seal outdoor outlets and switches. (again how many will depend on how many outlets and switches you have located on exterior walls) Once you have these items start by caulking around all exterior doors and windows to seal air leaks then, remove all the covers on switches and outlets that are located on exterior walls, place a gasket over the switch or outlet, replace the cover, and trim the excess off with a utility knife. The more air leaks you seal the more you will save.

4. Fewer and fewer homes are built today with real wood burning fireplaces but, if you do have one and use it regularly in the winter, you should also have it and the chimney cleaned once a year. Burning wood can save a lot of money on heat bills in the winter but a heavy build up of creosote can cause chimney fires. If the chimney does not have a screen and cap on it, you should have one put on. Birds will sit on top of the chimney for the warmth, and then be overcome by the fumes, causing them die and fall into the chimney. This can cause smoke to back up into the house.

5. This is not really a tip as much as a suggestion, (wind power) a windmill in the backyard can produce almost enough power to eliminate your power bill. All you need for the windmill to be economical is live in place that has a minimum of 11 mph winds and live on enough land to erect it. With a windmill and the above tips, you will save more money than you would believe is possible. - 31890

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Now Is The Time To Turn Your Rentals Into Eco Friendly Homes

By Walter Greenely

With our energy and water sources depleting, people have begun to sit up and take notice. There are things that we can do to preserve our environment, and where we live. I am going to show you how to make your properties into eco friendly homes. This will be simple fixes to make, some which can be more expensive than others, but all designed to save water and electricity.

We need to start by looking at how much heating and air conditioning is going out your windows, walls and roof. One of the best upgrades you can make is to purchase double glazed windows and have them installed in the entire home. This is expensive, however if you ever sell your property you will double the money that you spent on those windows.

Insulation is a huge saver of energy for your home. To get the most out of your insulation, your ceiling and walls will have to be done. A contractor will have to do this work for you. They will either blow the insulation into the attic or use the rolls of this product. The roll is also used in the walls between the wooden planks.

Everything you have done up to this point has been done to save on electricity. Now let us talk about solar panels. Solar panels are installed on top of your roof where they collect the suns rays. The rays are then changed into electricity to use in your home. It is a wonderful invention. Some research needs to be done and you will need a contractor to place them on the roof and explain how much electricity you can expect to save.

If you have older appliances in your home, perhaps it is time to buy new. By purchasing new, more efficient appliances you can potentially save about forty percent of electricity that it takes to run the old machines. Upon deciding to purchase you may think about getting a washer and dryer, possibly a dishwasher and a must would be a refrigerator for your kitchen.

A small, but very effective way to save energy is as simple as replacing a few light bulbs. By replacing every bulb you have with the new energy efficient light bulbs you will be saving a lot of electricity in your home. Another reason to change bulbs is the new ones last for months and months without burning out. You will start noticing your light bill going down for a change.

To save even more in your every day life turning off the faucet while cleaning your teeth, turning off lights as you exit a room. Installing low water toilets in all the bathrooms of your home. Using the toaster oven as opposed to the large oven. Large ovens can use a lot of electricity, toaster ovens use about one third of that. Unplug small appliances on your kitchen counter, as they still use electricity when plugged in.

If you are not sure about doing each upgrade, start off with changing the light bulbs. Then buy the energy saving appliances. Take each step as you can afford it, and before you know it your whole house will be eco friendly. For those who are a bit unsure ask the professionals and get their opinions on things like the solar panels. - 31890

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